Ophthalmology opinions for a blind neurosurgeon

There are differing ophthalmology opinions for this neurosurgeon who is blind in one eye

“Two ophthalmologists examined Greenberg: one hired by Greenberg, and one hired by the lawyer for the person suing Greenberg.

Though on opposing sides, the doctors both concluded that Greenberg is essentially blind in his right eye because of a childhood accident in which he was poked in the eye with a sharp wire. They also …

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Can EMTs be sued for malpractice?

“The wife of a man whose death came under investigation after a San Francisco Fire Department ambulance crew failed to take him to the hospital said Tuesday that rather than helping her husband, the crew had talked him out of getting treatment.

‘He was complaining about his heart,’ Sheila Narcisse Potter said of her husband, Elissa Potter Jr., 59. ‘They kept saying, …

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The blog of a difficult patient

A “difficult patient” starts a blog

“I believe that there is a huge disconnect in the communication between doctors and their patients largely due to liability issues, managed care, etc. Well, duh. I realize that I just stated the obvious, but somehow there needs to be a remedy. Doctors fear being sued. Patients fear . . .well we all have our issues . . .”

David Letterman is excused from jury consideration in a medical malpractice case

“David Letterman, who lives in North Salem, reported for jury duty Monday at the Westchester County Courthouse and was considered for a medical malpractice case. He assured the doctor’s lawyer that he could be fair, but was eventually excused.”

Tedy Bruschi’s patent foramen ovale (PFO) caused his stroke

It was just reported that Tedy Bruschi is undergoing surgery for a hole in his heart:

New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi — who once played for the University of Arizona – is back in the hospital tonight, according to sources in Tucson and Boston.

The team isn’t confirming this news yet, but KOLD News 13 has learned Bruschi is undergoing surgery to repair a hole in his heart. …

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When patients deny illness

Much denial-blogging today. Alisha’s mother-in-law won’t accept physical limitations imposed by her cancer. Orac tries to help a patient who rejects her malignant biopsy results. What is denial, and how should we approach it? (Pause for a quick check – has the Cheerful Oncologist posted about this yet? No? I’d love to know what he thinks!) Here’s Dr. Simon Wein, MD, of Memorial Sloan-Kettering …

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Overmedicating the Elderly

A new study from the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society states that almost one in three seniors are receiving medications “deemed potentially inappropriate for older people”.

Medicines on the list included antispasmodic drugs and propoxyphene. Several solutions to the problem are mentioned, all centered around good communication between doctor and patient, and knowledge of drug side effects in the elderly.

Possible causes of Tedy Bruschi’s stroke

As has been reported, Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi has been hospitalized with some kind of intracerebral bleed. As one can imagine, this is big news here in New England.

Here’s what we know so far:

Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi will remain hospitalized while he undergoes additional tests after suffering a broken blood vessel in his head, a Patriots team source told The Boston Globe on Thursday.

Bruschi, …

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Are testicular biopsies necessary for the diagnosis of testicular cancer?

Man sues over “botched” testicular surgery: Another frivolous lawsuit?
“A man is suing a hospital and one of its surgeons, claiming one of his testicles was wrongly removed during surgery.

Danny Curtis claims the surgeon at Kern Medical Center did not conduct a biopsy before arranging urgent surgery to remove a testicular tumor in July 2004, according to the lawsuit filed in Kern County Superior Court.”

I …

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